Archie Teater

Archie B. Teater, born and raised in Hagerman, Idaho  lived in poverty as a child and young man. After attending art school in the early 1920's at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon, he found work as a trail blazer for what is now Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. By the summer of 1928, Archie Teater ventured for the first time into Jackson Hole, Wyoming to paint the Grand Tetons.

This visit initiated a lifelong love affair with the Teton Range, and he spent virtually every summer thereafter in Jackson Hole for the rest of his life. He got his name, “Teton Teater,” while living in a tent along the shores of Jenny Lake. There, the artist exhibited his paintings by leaning them against trees

In 1956 he built the Archie Teater Studio in Bliss, the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in the state of Idaho and spent much of the last 20 years of his life traveling and painting in more than 100 countries.

Archie Teater (1901-1978) died with a substantial estate, and his large personal collection of paintings was left to a foundation for handicapped children. 

"Taggart Creek"
Oil ■ 16" x 26" image size
$ 950 custom framed



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