Sculptured Glass available at the Hennes Gallery

Sculptured Glass by Karen Ladd

Karen Ladd Designs produces realistic floral glass art. Each piece is individually handmade and no molds are used. The heart of the process is known as “flameworking”, a technique of manipulating glass rods and tubing in a flame of 8000 degrees Fahrenheit generated by a torch with a gas/oxygen mixture.

Each floral creation begins with a sketch to adjust the balance and form. The main focus is the delicate interplay of light within and through satin and clear glass. The satin is achieved by sandblasting at different depths to create contrast.

The varied shades of pink are archived through fuming where 24K gold is vaporized and layered onto hot glass. Each handmade sculpture is a-one-of-kind masterpiece.


Click on picture to view enlarged image

"Hummingbird & Dogwood Blossom"   "Blackchinned Hummingbird
and Wild Rose"
"Hummingbird and Thee
Wild Roses"
  "Broadtailed Hummingbird
and Wild Rose Cluster"
"Mountain Chickadee
and Holly and Berries"
  "Ceadar Waxwing and
Pyracartha Berries"
"Bull Elk"   "Majestic Bull Moose"



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