available at the Hennes Gallery

Bronze by Pershing Geiger

Pershing Geiger was a wood and bronze sculptor from Casper Wyoming. He wrote "For my work, I have chosen realism because I think that it presents a greater challenge. In depicting historic subjects it can and will help preserve our heritage and culture." One of his major pieces, a bronze sculpture of cavalryman Caspar Collins, stands before the Casper Events Center.

"His Medicine Dream"
by Pershing Geiger


Bronzes by Rose Cash

Rose Phillips Cash, born and raised in Wyoming, has developed a deep love of the West, its Indian people and their rich heritage. After raising her children she moved to Arkansas where she met her present husband, Acie, who is a cousin of the late Johnny Cash. With her Native American blood line she had the desire to paint her friends. In the 1990's Rose branched off into sculpting.

Her bronzes are packed with beautiful detail and realism. Rose grew to love the story of Sacajawea. With the 200th Anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition being celebrated from 2003 through 2006, Rose's Sacajawea bronzes are extremely popular. The Girl Scouts of Wyoming have chosen one of her Sacajawea bronzes to use for their statewide fund raiser.

Each bronze tells a powerful story.


"Babes in the Woods
with Sacajawea"
  "But, Mom"
"Survival"   "Sacajawea"
"Caught Nappin'"   "First Crossing"


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